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Our Financial Planning & 

Investment Management Fees

Beyond providing new customers with a free initial financial plan we also provide premium services to help you achieve your long term financial goals. We've created several different options to give you the most flexibility in meeting your current needs.

Ongoing Monitoring and Advice on Investments

This is our simplest option with the lowest upfront costs. Through our secure online portal, you'll link your online investment accounts to your Free Financial profile. We'll then have limited access to review and monitor your investments.

We'll provide you with a personalized review every three months and proactively recommend changes when appropriate. You'll also get to ask us any investment advice questions you have throughout the year and may schedule one face-to-face investment meeting each year with no additional charge. Six-month minimum commitment.


Ongoing Review & Financial Plan Coaching

This is one of our most popular services. In addition to providing you with ongoing investment reviews, we'll also monitor progress on your other financial goals like budgeting, paying off debt, and savings. Think of us as a personal trainer for your finances. We provide you with the accountability you need and help steer you back on course if we see you drifting off track. Beyond our periodic reviews under this plan, you'll also receive up to four free face-to-face meetings each year. Six-Month Minimum commitment.


Investment Management & Financial Plan Coaching

This is our most comprehensive service. This service provides the added convenience of not having to execute investment trades on your own. You'll also receive financial plan coaching and up to four free face-to-face meetings per year. Under this plan, you would transfer your investments to one of our industry leading custodian partners and provide us with limited authority to make investment changes on your behalf. We'll still discuss any investment changes with you and won't execute trades without your prior authorization. $5,000 minimum account value or $100 minimum monthly contributions required for investment management. $30,000 minimum account value for both investment management and financial plan coaching combined.


One-Time Services

If one of our long-term services doesn't seem like the right fit for you, we also offer one-time services for an hourly fee. Our free financial plan covers many aspects, but excludes certain services like selecting specific investments or annual updates to your plan. Our hourly rate for one-time services is $150 per hour. 

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