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Getting Started With Us

You and your family have unique goals and dreams. You also have a unique financial situation. 

In order to get started we need to find out a lot more about you and your finances. The more information you are able to provide to us, the more valuable your financial plan will be. 

When we work with you to develop your financial plan, we will typically have two to three meetings.


1. Initial Meeting - In our first meeting we will spend most of our time getting to know each other and learning about your goals. We want to make sure we know what you want to achieve by creating a financial plan. At this meeting, we'll also verify that we have all of the financial data we need from you to get started. 


2. Plan Review Meeting - 7-14 days later, we'll meet again to go over your plan together. We'll identify what you're already doing well and where there are opportunities for improvement. We'll also start implementing some of the plan's recommendations

3. Second Follow Up Meeting - Depending on the number of planning recommendations, a third meeting will be likely, but is not always necessary. In this meeting we will review your progress from the Plan Review Meeting and put in place the final pieces of your financial plan. 

What Data Will We Need From You?

The higher the quality of information we can obtain from you, the more accurate our planning and advice can be. While the amount of information we request might seem overwhelming, it helps give us a full understanding of where you currently stand financially. We will request the following information from you before we get started.

  • Personal details for you and your dependents

  • Your current income and expenses

  • List of assets

  • Two most recent tax returns

  • Most recent investment account statements

  • Recent mortgage statement.

  • Recent credit card, student loan and personal loan statements

  • Recent life insurance statements

  • Long Term Care insurance policies

  • Disability insurance policies

  • Auto insurance policy statements

  • Homeowners insurance policy details

  • Employer provided insurance coverage amounts

  • Details regarding any current wills or trusts

  • Social Security statements

  • Estimated life expectancy

Take the next step today!

Option 1: Online Setup

Using our secure online data collection system is the fastest and easiest way for you to share your information with us. Our online accounts give you the option to

link your investment accounts, credit cards, mortgage accounts and more. Linking any of your accounts provides us with restricted access to your information. We'll be able to see your financial information, but won't be allowed to make changes or see personal details. 

Click Below Setup Your Online Account

Option 2: Paper Setup

Use the following two forms to gather and organize your information then contact us to get started!

Planning Document Checklist

Financial Planning Questionnaire

Or Call: 661-200-5657

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