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How can we offer free financial planning?

Our primary goal is to help as many people as possible. By offering our planning services for free, we open the door to clients who have never been in a position to take advantage of the services of a professional financial advisor. 


We offer several paid services that provide additional value for our clients including investment management, life insurance sales, and tax preparation services. By doing an exceptional job for our clients with a free financial plan, we know that many clients will be eager to utilize our other paid services, but are under no obligation to do so.

Family with a financial plan

What's included in a financial plan?

The first step in creating your financial plan involves us getting to know you better. Before we talk about your finances we first want to know your values and goals and from there, we'll work to create a financial plan that aligns with what really matters to you. Once we get to know you, we'll work together to craft a plan that addresses the following areas:

Are you on track to live your golden years on your terms, or will it be a financial struggle to make ends meet?

Are you properly protected if the unexpected happens? Is it possible you're paying too much for insurance you might not need?



Do you have the right amount of savings in case of an emergency? Have you budgeted for expenses you know you will have to pay in the near future? Do you want to set money aside for your childrens' college costs?

Debt Strategies

Tax Planning

Income tax is one of the largest expenses you will ever have to pay through the course of your life. What can you do to pay as little tax as possible?

Investment Review

Are you investing enough? Are you investing too aggressively or too conservative to meet your long term goals?


Credit cards, student loans, and medical debt. Is there a way to pay off your debt faster?

What is not included in your free plan?

We cover a lot of ground in your free financial plan, but here's what we don't cover. Your free financial plan does not include preparation of tax returns, the selection of specific investments, the ongoing management of your investments, or periodic reviews of your plan to measure progress. We provide each of these services for an additional fee. Also excluded from your free financial plan is the design and implementation of wills or trusts. 

More About Us

We are 100% independently and locally owned. While we partner with major companies to provide excellent service to all of our clients, we don't have any external sales quotas to meet so our clients are our only priority.  All of our professional advisers are licensed with the state of California as investment adviser representatives and licensed life insurance agents. We also meet state and IRS requirements to offer professional tax preparation services.

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