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Helping You Invest

At Free Financial one of our biggest missions is helping working families achieve financial freedom! While most investment advisors place their entire focus on people who have already accumulated a million dollars or more, we are here to help everyone else. Accumulating enough money to reach your financial goals is well within your grasp, and we want to help you do it. 

We provide you with a short lesson on investing and help select the appropriate investments for you.

We monitor your investments on a regular basis so you can focus on your day-to-day life and not worry about the market's ups and downs. 

We are a completely independent investment advisor. This means we make investment recommend-ations to our customers based solely on their needs, not based on what the corporate offices want us to offer. 

Clients may elect a one-time meeting and pay an hourly fee for the services provided or elect the hands off approach of an ongoing asset management plan with fees deducted quarterly or monthly. If you purchase any insurance prod-ucts we recommend, we may be compensated separately by the insurance company.

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Basic Investment Services

Open Your First IRA

If you're just getting started investing, we'll be more than happy to help you open your first Individual Retirement Account(IRA). For many investors, the IRA is the best way to accumulate wealth. The IRA is a special account created by congress to encourage people to save for retirement. Certain IRA accounts can allow you to earn investment income that you NEVER have to pay taxes on! If you already contribute to a retirement account through your job, consider opening a Roth IRA to help generate tax free income for your future. 

Rollover a 401K From Your Old Job

If you've changed jobs in your career like so many people have today, there's a good chance you may have left something behind. If you contributed to a 401K at an old employer, it may be a good idea to transfer those funds into your own retirement account which can move with you no matter where you work. This is referred to as a rollover, but if the rollover is done incorrectly there can be major tax consequences. We'll be happy to assist you if you'd like to take the funds from your old employer and set them up in your own Individual Retirement Account. 

Create Your Investment Plan

If all you did was set money aside in a regular bank account, you would have a very difficult time accumulating wealth. That is where investing steps in. Investing allows you to transform your savings into a hard working employee. When your money is invested, it is working for you to earn more money virtually around the clock. While you are at work, while you are asleep, while you are playing with your kids, your invested money will be working to earn you more. Accumulate enough money and eventually your investments can earn more for you than your job! This is a beautiful thing. Call us to help decide which investments to put to work for you.   

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