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48% of young workers feel very positive about their financial future while only 22% of people close to retirement feel the same way. How do you feel? Have you been able to keep your financial promises to yourself and your family?

Why we've torn down the barriers to financial planning.

We feel that the financial services industry is leaving too many people behind by making it difficult to obtain quality, personalized advice. Those who may be early in a career, have debt or very little savings may stand to gain the most from good financial advice, yet these people are systematically shunned by traditional advisors who prefer working with clients who have accumulated significant savings. 


The top two reasons people avoid working with a professional financial planner are fear of high fees and lack of trust. We feel like we've found the solution to eliminate both of those barriers.


Free Financial was founded to change the way financial services companies work and whom they help. By offering a free financial plan, we take away the fear of high fees while we work on building our clients' trust over time. This way we can welcome clients who want help, but aren't being served by traditional financial services companies.



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"How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case." - Robert G. Allen


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