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Upfront Pricing is Our Goal


We try our best to give you the most reasonable upfront pricing possible. Since each tax return is unique in terms of complication and amount of time it will take us to accurately prepare the return, it can be a challenge to be upfront about pricing until we look at a client's tax situation in person. However, we have developed a three level pricing system that we hope will provide a great value to our customers.

Simple Tax Return W-2
Level 1: Basic Filing (W-2 Only)

For those individuals who need to file, but only have form W-2 with no dependents, credits or deductions, you can take advantage of our Level 1 flat rate of just $199. This includes filing one federal and one California tax return. Available for Single or Married returns.   



Standard Tax Return- Schedule A
Level 2: Standard Tax Return

This level covers the majority of tax returns and is for taxpayers who plan to claim valuable deductions and credits such as the Child Tax Credit, education credits, mortgage interest deduction, and the majority of the other most common tax credits and deductions. A standard return will also include the reporting of capital gains/losses and dividends that may be reported to you on various 1099 forms. We prepare standard returns at the rate of $299 (includes Federal and California E-filing). 


*Level 2 pricing does not include self-employed individuals, small businesses, stock traders, Married Filing Separately returns, or taxpayers who have 10 or more tax forms.


Tax Paperwork
Level 3: Complex Tax Return

A complex return covers tax returns for self-employed individuals, sole proprietors, and tax returns that require an unusual number of tax documents, data entry or manual calculations. We would like to offer fixed pricing for these types of returns, but because there is so much variation in the time it may take to prepare a more complex return, we charge an hourly rate of $299 per hour. Don't let the hourly rate worry you though, in many cases a tax return may fall into the "Complex Tax Return" category, but still only take about 30 minutes to prepare. bringing the total cost to $99.   

Per Hour

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